About Merryn

I'm Merryn, an almost 20 yr. old single mother. I am a wearer of many hats. Crafter. Beginning seamstress. Thrifter. Vintage lover. Student. Teaching assistant. Devoted Army girlfriend. Best friend.

Speaking of best friends, this is mine, Shelby. The other half to this blog.

See that? Yeah, that's us in elementary school. Thirteen years later and we're still so close with only one major fight in our history. She's the father my daughter has yet to have. Though occasionally it may seem like we've entered into a domestic partnership over the years, I promise, we haven't. I have been so blessed to have such a great friend for so long.

About Shelby

The world calls me Shelby.  My savior calls me Beautiful.  I call myself Blessed.  I'm a small town girl with a big heart and a life full of beautiful people I'm blessed to share it all with!  I'm nineteen years old and I nanny full time for five beautiful babies ("our" little Bumble Bee included). I love coffee, crafting, finger painting, swinging barefoot, playing in the mud, dancing to the Hot Dog Song and (speaking in parenthesis). I have a wonderful family, an (really, really) amazing boyfriend, and the best friend anyone could ask for!

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