Monday, August 22, 2011

The Pocktapush

The Nanny Diary Presents....

(Octopus for the rest of the world)

This is by far one of my favorite crafts! It's easy, quick, and the kids get to do most of the work (which means I get to watch, yayy!).  There are many different ways to decorate and this is just a general outline!  Feel free to let your kids (or yourself; chuckles, etc.) express themselves and get as messy as you can. Enjoy!

You'll need:

an empty toilet paper roll
glue (any kind will work)
something to decorate with
(we used finger paint, googly eyes, and ribbon
but crayon, paper, markers, and stamps are awesome too!)
a monkey or two to help decorate
(mine today are three & seven months :-p)

Paint, color, glitter glue, print, cover with paper! Get creative and make your toilet paper role your own!  My Monkey Girl used her hands and LOTS of red & blue finger paint to make purple!  And the Monkey Baby used her toes and plenty of yellow finger/toe (:-p) paint!  I don't know if babies have a "favorite" color at seven months but Baby D gravitates towards yellow when we paint!

This is Monkey Girl's finished product.  She decided to roll hers in a paper towel because she said the print it made looked like "those little thingies" (the suction cups, hehe).  We used paint so she had to let it dry for awhile before moving on! :)

Now it's time to cut the tentacles!  Just start from the bottom and cut halfway or three-quarters the way up the role.  Then set it down on the counter and let the kiddies press it down so the tentacles flatten.  I don't recommend letting little ones do the cutting but my Monkey Girl was just fine with the smashing!

Time for embellishments!
We chose ribbon and googly eyes!  I also like mini buttons for the suction cups and I'm a big fan of glitter glue.  I always like using fabric with different crafts... Maybe some fabric cut outs or some lace trim!

And there you have it!! A Pocktapush! This is Monkey Baby's.  Happy crafting! :-D


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  1. Too cute! I'll have to let Elora make a few of these. I'll start saving TP rolls now. :)