Saturday, August 27, 2011

Uh-Thrifting We Go!

Today, less than happy baby and all, we took a marvelous adventure right her in our beautiful (quite warm, today) little town, thrifting all the live long day!  I love my days with my best friend!  The projects we stumble across, clothes we laugh at, and the memories we create are always close to my heart!  I'll share a few from today and I hope you find them as magical as I do! Hehe (:

Merryn got quite the giggle out of my three friends that live in my air vent! I found this plug a few months ago helping my friend Alexia prepare to move.  I had every intention of actually using it for it's intended purpose.  I put it in the air vent of my truck so I wouldn't forget to grab it and take it inside when I got home.  On my drive home, I realized they were all very surprised (and, in my opinion, happy to see me) and this just tickled my fancy. Haha... So I decided, I would tell them my stories!

No, I don't actually talk to them; however, I find myself greeting them with a "Good Morning, Friends," as we leave for work in the morning. And at night when I return home, I bid them well for the evening! My sweet Cheyanne even confessed her "naughty attitude and bad choices" to them one day on the way to the grocery story! Haha.  Merryn suggested today that I decorate them!  And now my little friends are beautiful! ;)

My wonderful Matthew attached them to the air vent so they won't take a tumble when we hit bumps and such!  I quite like their company on my long drives back and forth to work -__-

Also bougtht his shirt (with a skeptical Merryn, I must add :-p).  I'm not sure yet what it will become but stay tuned...

And the scarf in my hair is a thrift store find as well!  I'm not sure if I did it correctly or if it looks good but I'm working on it! (;

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